Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics has highly qualified, experienced & committed teachers with reputation in their areas of specialization. Mathematics is thought in the first four seme of engineering curriculum, which will be strong foundations for the engineers.

Thus Mathematics has been remarked always a popular and essential subject today in its own way. Mathematics without applications becomes a dry subject.In order to create interest in the student’s community it is essential to teach engineering mathematics with applications, this initiated us to conduct special Invited Lecturers and seminars eminent personalities from different reputed companies /Institutions, so that in future the students of engineering streams will be benefited by and large.


The management continuously encourages the Department to carry out research by giving complete financial support and other facilities. The Department strives for excellence in resear activities to get an insight into Fluid Dynamics, Graph Theory and its Applications, Fuzzy Logic, Operations Research and Industrial Statistics.

Short Range Goals

  • To achieve excellent results in university examinations.
  • To create awareness among students in recent trends of mathematics by organizing quizzes and Olympiads.

Long Range Goals

  • To provide the students access to the theoretical knowledge in engineering mathematics & expose them in applying mathematics to solve engineering problems.