Department of Physics

The Department offers Engineering physics courses to students in engineering disciplines at first/second semester level, both the theory and practical.It also offers advice and technical help in respect of basic ideas of physics for student’s and staff members in the fields of electronics, instrumentation and laser technologies.


  • To promote the Applied physics knowledge among the students so that they apply it in the thrust areas of Engineering and Technology.
  • To develop the students to apply basics of physics required for the current field of technologies they practices on the regular courses of Engineering.

Short Range Goals

Spectroscopy and Material Science -Non linear optical materials Crystal Growth, Environmental Radioactivity, Applied Spectroscopy and Environmental Geochemistry, Nanoparticles.

  • Motivate the students to learn physics to apply the knowledge to understand engineering concepts.
  • Guide the students in their project works.

Long Range Goals

  • Setup World class Applied Research Laboratory.