Programme Outcomes

  • To Understand and Apply mathematical foundation, computing and domain knowledge for the conceptualization of computing model of problems.
  • Identify, analyze the computing requirements of a problem and Solve them using computing principles.
  • Design and Evaluate a computer based system, components and process to meet the specific needs of applications.
  • Use current techniques and tools necessary for complex computing practices.
  • Use suitable architecture or platform on design and implementation with respect to performance.
  • Develop and integrate effectively system based components into user environment.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

  • PEO 1 : Recognize the need for and develop the ability to engage in continuous learning as a Computing professional.
  • PEO 2 : Apply the understanding of management principles with computing knowledge to manage the projects in multidisciplinary environments.
  • PEO 3 : Communicate effectively with the computing community as well as society by being able to comprehend effective documentations and presentations.
  • PEO 4 : To excel in problem solving and programming skills in the various computing fields of IT industries.
  • PEO 5 : To develop the ability to plan, analyze, design, code, test, implement & maintain a software product for real time system.
  • PEO 6 : To promote students capability to set up their own enterprise in various sectors of Computer applications