Programme Outcomes

  • To make the graduates to have basic knowledge of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Basic engineering subjects like Civil Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.
  • To make the graduates to understand the basic principles of subjects in Chemical Engineering such as unit operations and unit processes to enable them to conduct experiments and interpret and analyze data.
  • The graduates are expected to have ability to design a process for a desired product within the economic environmental, ethical, safety and sustainability constrains.
  • The graduates must be trained such that they are able to work in teams of inter disciplinary areas.
  • The graduates are expected to have an ability to identify, formulate and solve chemical engineering problems
  • To make the graduates understand professional ethics and responsibility to the society.
  • The graduate must have good communication skills.
  • The graduates to be familiar with computational skills to use software and websites to get themselves exposed to global and social issues.
  • The graduates will have continuous learning interest.
  • The graduates to have the required leadership qualities.
  • The graduates must be able to use upcoming Technologies and Engineering tools in their profession.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

  • PEO 1:To understand basic principles in Chemical Engineering and Chemical Technology with necessary background in basic science and Engineering.
  • PEO 2:To provide exposure to design in the areas of Chemical Engineering equipment design, Chemical Process design and Chemical Plant design to the students and make them execute design and evaluate performance of Chemical plants including socio-economic impacts to the region.
  • PEO 3:To provide computational skills for process simulation, design and analysis by using appropriate software and also to give the students an exposure in word processing spread sheet, ppt and to make them use information on the world wide web.
  • PEO 4:To provide the students an opportunities and train them in communication techniques and to develop job related skills and make them aware of emerging technologies in global issues like shortage of nonrenewable energies, global warming, ozone layer depletion, deforestation, etc.