The Department has the following facilities which form an integral part of the functionality of its administrative and academic setup.

Administrative Facilities:

Well-furnished and technically equipped rooms are provided for Director, HOD and professor on single occupancy whereas the faculty members have well equipped rooms on sharing basis.


Large design studios with ample natural light and ventilation provide pleasant working atmosphere. Studios have well designed drawing desks and stools having independent locking facility for each student.

Lecture Halls:

School of Architecture has spacious lecture halls and seminar rooms equipped with for LCD projectors and other audio visual aids.

Computer Lab:

Well equipped, air conditioned labs for CAD and other related state-of-the-art software. High speed internet access in the lab helps students gather information for their projects and research. Expert guidance is also made available to students on a regular basis.

Material Museum:

A spacious hall equipped with samples of materials and equipments on display for ready reckoning of various subject related to the course.


Apart from the central library there exists a well-stocked departmental library which is well equipped with reading spaces and books, CD ROMS, related to relevant course subjects as well as regular national and international journals for ready reference and global exposure.

Survey Lab:

For conduct of physical surveys and experiments, the department has a dedicated survey lab comprising of latest instruments for the high tech surveys and analysis in order to acquaint students with the techniques and methodologies of various kinds of surveys, related field and drawing works.

Art Room:

To enhance the caliber of the students in free hand drawing and rendering techniques, well ventilated spacious art room along with a storage space has been provided with required chairs arranged in circular fashion.


Fully‐equipped workshops with various machineries for enabling the students to make their architectural models, carpentry joints. Thus in the workshops the students are taught various skills like carpentry, sculpture making, photography etc.

Model Room:

Without a model, architectural building and its philosophy cannot be expressed therefore a model room with sufficient space for its display and storage has been provided where students can display their project models as well as their thesis final model.

Audio Visual Room:

Apart from the lectures being held in lectures rooms, for special guest lectures and seminars audio visual room which is well equipped with the latest LCD projector and audio visual aids.

Construction Yard:

A 20m x 30m approx. vacant piece of land attached to department building is provided for the students to have first-hand practical experiment of various construction technologies such as brick bonding, material composition etc.

Exhibition Spaces:

Spacious exhibition lobbies and an exhibition room having display boards provide facility for occasional presentation of projects by the students. Annual exhibitions of students project work as well as the design juries are also held in the exhibition room. The exhibitions are arranged through joint efforts by all students.

Photography Lab:

Architecture is a field of creativity and designing which depends to a larger extent on composition. To teach the student and make him aware of compositions and scales of visualization a well-equipped photography lab is set up in the department with facility of SL cameras and development of black and white picture.