Bio – Technology was established in the year 2006-07. Being affiliated to the Anna University, the department has its very first batch in its third year now.


Tech program of AMACE consists of a four year program which aims at contributing to the students by providing them a vivid knowledge in the field of bio technology.

Our Goals

  • We want to establish excellence in every student when the field of Biochemical is considered.
  • We aim to make several herbal and medicinal products that can serve the society.
  • Our vision is also to establish a center for Collaborative research and world class laboratories.
  • Our main aim is to produce biotechnologists with vast knowledge who can serve the society.
  • We have some long term and short term goals; our long term goal is to establish excellence in the field of biomaterials and molecular therapeutics.
  • Development of bio products, screening, up gradation, production, database for Phyto-chemicals and Ethno-pharmaceuticals are also our long term goals.
  • Our short term goals are to produce 100% results and 100% placement, establishment of state of art laboratories and to increase our rank in University ranking.

The department is said to be very spacious and fully equipped to ensure that the students do not need to compromise on any issue. Basic as well as high level of comfort zone is provided by way of providing a separate room for HOD purpose followed by an excellent lecture hall and sophisticated labs. Added to it, there are also other facilities such as a discussion hall and a conference hall where students often meet to discuss their cause and problems. Placement interview rooms and placement officers’ room have also been recently added along with guest lectures and interviews.

The staff faculty is also fully experienced and consists of top guns who often come as guest lecturers. The sitting arrangement and facilities is also excellent along with fully air conditioned class rooms and halls which provides basic comforts to the students for better concentration. Generally averages of 30 students are included in approved intake by the AICTE Anna University in a four year batch which in itself is a good sign for the development of the students.