1. College Timings: 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.

Students are not permitted to enter into the campus after 9.00 a.m. and are not allowed to leave the college before 5.00 p.m. Visitors are strictly not allowed class hours.

2. Attendance

We insists on a minimum of 75% attendance for the theory class and 100% attendance for the laboratories classes.

3. Requisition Letter

  • All requisition letter for expenditure certificate, leave letter, medical certificate, hostel matters including permission to leave the college should be addressed to the Principal.
  • All requisition letter for bonafide certificates, scholarship form and in plant training etc., should be addressed to the Principal.
  • Students should take prior permission before being absent from class.

4. Dress code

All students in the campus should be Tidy dressed.

1 Formals All boy students are expected to wear self coloured pants with their shirts nearly tucked in. They should wear shoes (either black or brown) only, Slippers are not are permitted. All girl students should wear churidhar with Dhupata and canvas cut (pump) shoes, Slippers are not permitted.
2 Lab/Workshop(Physics, Chemistry, Computer, Electronics, Electrical and Metrology Laboratories) Khaki Pants and Khaki Shirts with leather shoes. A long Navy blue over coat with leather shoes.
3 Mechanical Laboratories Khaki Pants and Khaki half sleeved Shirts with leather shoes. A long Navy blue over coat with leather shoes.

Identity Card

Each student will be issued an identity card with his/her name, photo and signature. They should wear the identity card at all times in the college campus.

06. Staff in charge

Each student will be attached with a staff as a student counselor / staff in charge. This counselor will counsel the student in all academic and other activities for the entire academic year.

07. Ragging and Eve-Teasing

The Government of Tamilnadu has banned Ragging and eve-teasing in educational institutions by passing a Government order. So anyone indulging in ragging and eve-teasing will be punished severely s given below-

  • Imprisonment for 2 years
  • A fine up to 15,000/-
  • Student convicted for ragging and eve-teasing will be dismissed from the institution and will not be admitted in any other educational institution.
  • Hence, all students including the senior students are advised not to indulge in ragging and eve-teasing but to rise up totally against this evil practice.

Every students must obey the rules and regulations of the institution.

08. Leave Rules

All the students should take note of the following leave rules

  • For leave up to one day
  • Letter for leave on any day must be submitted on the previous day. This letters may be signed by the student himself/herself.
  • Submission of leave letter on the day of leave should compulsorily bear the signature of the Parents/Guardian.

09. Leave for more than one day and up to two days

For this category the leave letter should be submitted on the previous day with the parents or guardians signature and the parents may call the office through telephone and inform to the respective attendance in charge/principal regarding leave.

10. Medical Leave

The medical certificate should be enclosed alone with the leave Letter signed by the parent or the guardian.

11. Leave for Three Days and Above

For leave for any function or any special reason, the parent should come in person and avail the leave for the student from the principal. Otherwise the name of the stunt will be removed from the student attendance register.