Our Motto
We are firm in our commitment to the noble cause of Quality Technical Education in our country. We scrupulously mobilize our resources and train our students to be competent and confident in a complex and a competitive world.We strive hard relentlessly to achieve success in our mission of training the students with qualitive education which will enable them to contribute to the technological advancement of the nation.

We swear to work towards this goal as a dedicated team and pledge to transform AMACE a Centre of National Excellence in Engineering and Technology Education.

To seek and to achieve heights in engineering, technological and management education and not to compromise on quality education. To develop an interdisciplinary institution of excellence through symbiotic efforts, innovative practices of managements and faculty to provide ambient academic environment for benefit of the students and the community at large.

To impart futuristic & quality technical education to the students with strong fundamentals, exposure to emerging trends .we enlighten the students to be service oriented towards the nation and insist the students to be civilized, professionally ethical, moral and improve the teaching learning processes.